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To: Human rights council of United Nations

Sir Dr. Hesam Freozi MD, as a good dutiful and compassionate physician man takes care of potions out any expectation. He is a therapist of some of political prisoners such as Mr. Ahmad Batebi, Mr. Akbare Ganji and Mr. Mansour Osanlou who sent report of the physical situation of these Prisoners to the public media and also human right organizations and centers.
Unfortunately, He is arrested much time because of these humanities actions, and late news about him is commanded in a court one year as imprisonment in the jail, by court branch no.6 of evolution court in charge of action against social security, making anxious in public mind.
This command is accepted again by branch court of revision no. 26. He is going to execution of a sentence.
As this, as his clear history, and as we know he did not want nothing just saving the sufferers people of dead as his job. We asks that honorable council, make an action to save a nice physician man from jail.
Best regards
Some of human defenders have written this letter to:
1_ Sir Ban Ki-moon The chairman of United Nations
2_council of Europe human rights web
3_Human rights watch
4_Reprters with out borders
5_doctors with out borders

Subject: requesting to stop imprisonment condemnation for Dr. Hesam Firozi MD
To: President of Judiciary system of Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Shahrodi.
Mr. Shahrodi
Dr. Hesam Firozi MD, as a dutiful and compassionate physician is in risk to suffer imprisonment. He did not do any thing just taking care of his patients. He is going to imprison in charge of making treatment for a prisoner, Mr. Ahmad Batebi. As you know physicians are making promise to do every thing that he can to take care of patients, and Dr. Hesam Firozi kept this promise. And he did not do any crime. It is right that we express his appreciations because all he did for his patents with out any expectation.
We as declare our protest to Dr. Hesam Firoz’s imprisonment condemnation and want stopping this unjustified commandment.
Best regards


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  1. I demand the immediate release of Dr. Hessam Firouzi..

  2. Je demande la libération immédiate de Dr Hessam FIROUZI

  3. Il faut lutter contre ce pouvoir qui entrave si ouvertement la liberté de chacun et chacune
    Libérez le Dr Hessam FIROUZI

    Nantes, le 3 janvier 2008

  4. Il y a des droits auxquels aucune atteinte ne peut être porté par les pouvoirs publics. Ce sont les droits de l’homme et les liberté fondamentales.

  5. Please free Dr. Hesam Freozi.

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  7. […] petition has been launched to support Dr. Firouzi. Many bloggers, human rights activists, and student associations have already […]

  8. […] is een petitie gestart [en] om Firouzi te steunen. Veel bloggers, mensenrechtenactivisten en studentenorganisaties hebben […]

  9. […] È stata lanciata [in] una petizione in favore del Dr. Firouzi. Parecchi blogger, attivisti per i diritti umani e associazioni studentesche hanno già aderito all’iniziativa. […]

  10. Release Dr.Firoozi immediately.It is not a crime to do medical check ups on political prisoners. It is all within the mandate of International Human Rights law.

  11. زنده باد دکتر حسام فیروزی .

    یکی از بازدیدکنندگان سایت آیت الله کاظمینی بروجردی.

  12. آزادی دکتر حسام./.

    از هواداران آیت الله کاظمینی بروجردی .

  13. I demand the immediate release of DR.Hesam firoozi.

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